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Sporting events, schools, a local government facilities, movie theatres, entertainment venues are places we once thought of as safe...

But, each one of them have been used by Active Shooters to commit mass killings.

If caught in an active killer situation you have very little time to respond and you must have a plan for staying alive. And, your plan must be easy to implement, adaptable to any situation, and effective. 

Now, is the time to take an honest look at your role in the age of mass violence...

What's Included in the book?

  • Tips on planning, evading, and barricading
  • Simple to learn and retain unarmed fighting and defensive weapon techniques
  • How to Give Life-Saving medical care in a chaotic environment.
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement during and after the attack
  • dealing with the psychological effects in the aftermath
  • Contributions from experts including: Rob Pincus, Tony Blauer, Jon Grabo, Alessandro Padovani, and Ryan Hoover
  • And More!

"Incidents of Mass Violence Are a Reality In Today's Society...Prepare Accordlingly"

It's time to acknowledge the reality that evil exist and take a proactive approach to preparing ourselves and our loved ones. A simple video on "run, hide, fight" is simply not enough. This book is your first step to staying safe and surviving an Active shooter incident. 

Pre-order your copy of the "How to Survive an Active Killer" Today.

Pre-Sale Ends October 18, 2017

NOTE: This first run is exclusive and will be in your hands before we launch the book worldwide online. Once the pre-sale closes, we go to print and all books will ship within 45-60 days.  

Thank you so much for everyone that has helped to make this project successful and to better improve our communities!